ASD Ireland was founded by  two parents Keith Enright and Caroline Hogan who both have teenagers with autism spectrum disorder. It was developed due to the lack of socially inclusive activities available for their children. It began with the development of Limerick autism group and progressed to providing a number of inclusive activities and is Now ASD Ireland. ASD Ireland is not or has ever been part of or affiliated with Autism Ireland or Irish Autism action, we are an independent charity funded by public donations/philanthropy and CSR Programs

We are Registered as a company limited by guarantee and we are audited by Barry Coffey & co accountants.

We provide, Autism camps, movement groups, psychotherapy counselling, gaming groups and camps, parking permits, ID cards, Training and education, an employment program with Lidl Ireland, Community outreach programs, adult outreach program and we are working closely with local businesses to support them to become autism/sensory friendly.

The Volunteer team that set up and runs ASD Ireland has combined experience of over 30 years and support autistic people and families of people with autism every day

Our charity is independently run by Keith Enright CEO (volunteer) with the support of a board of Directors. The board of Directors is an integral part of the organisation and they take an active role in the charity by supporting the movement groups, camps, outreach programs and employment programs. The difference in our board is that not only do they provide oversight for the running of the organisation but they are fully involved in the set up and provision of services.

We are always recruiting passionate and forward thinking board members, Interested ?
Email for an application.
What is Autism?

Autism spectrum disorder is neurological condition that affects a persons ability to communicate and interact with their peers. Some people with Autism will also have sensory processing difficulties and challenging behaviour.

What is autism not

  • It is not curable
  • Its not bold or a misbehaving person
  • It is not a lack of intelligence or mental retardation
  • It is not always visible

How can you help someone with autism?

  • Be Understanding
  • Be patient
  • Be non judgemental
  • Be calm

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