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Our Parking Permit has been extended to be recognised by An Garda Siochána, fire service and national ambulance service, this permit is placed on the inside of your windscreen which is visible at a checkpoint, accident scene or emergency. All Garda, fire and ambulance stations nationwide have been notified that this sticker means that either a driver or passenger is diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. They have been given information to support them helping a person with autism to ensure that this is a positive interaction with the emergency services.


Autism Friendly parking is being rolled out in different locations throughout Ireland by ASD Ireland , the majority of these locations are controlled by management companies that use clampers. Any vehicle with this sticker displayed on it windscreen will not be clamped. This will avoid the abuse of these spaces and ensure that they are available for people with autism. These stickers are €6 plus €1 p&p to cover production and administrative costs. (Data will be stored in line with 2018 GDPR regulations) Terms and conditions apply. (please note incomplete forms will be returned)

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Terms and conditions

Spaces are provided by ASD Ireland, signage is provided by ASD Ireland. Signage is designed by management companies and is developed in line with parking space provision within legislation. The clamping is provided by PJR services through a contract with the management companies. ASD Ireland in no way receives any benifit from clamping nor have we control over which vehicle is clamped or released. This is at the complete discretion of PJR services. All clamping can be appealed by contacting PJR services. The fee for release is €100. This is a standard fee set out by the PSA and cannot be changed under any circumstances. ASD Ireland, it’s Directors, staff or volunteers are in no way responsible for persons that use these spaces without a valid permit. If a valid permit is displayed the vehicle will not be clamped. All permits are specific to a vehicle and cannot be removed and displayed on another vehicle without prior consent, this action may result in your vehicle being clamped. Any complaints or queries in relation to vehicle clamping can be dealt with by contacting PJR services. These terms and conditions are in place to ensure that the spaces are available for people that require them.